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Water Treatment Installation and Replacement in Salt Lake City, UT

Are you in the market for a water treatment system? If you feel as though your water quality has declined, then you may want to consider taking action so that you can control what’s in your water. Whether you get your water by means of a well pump or directly from the municipal water supply, we can take care of your water treatment installation and replacement service needs in Salt Lake City, UT. Your water quality is too important to take chances with anything less than professional workmanship and customer service excellence. Established in 1980, we have been serving the plumbing needs of our local community for over 30 years. We employ Master and Journeyman plumbers who are experts at detecting water quality issues and providing comprehensive solutions. Give one of our friendly staff members a call today if you’d like to get started on your water treatment installation or replacement.

At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air offers quality water treatment services throughout the Salt Lake City, UT area, including installation and replacement.

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Salt Lake City Water Treatment Installation Options

It can be difficult to know what type of water treatment system you need. It all depends on what’s wrong with your potable water supply. Serious contamination calls for serious measures, while other issues, such as hard water, are less critical to your health and more about protecting your plumbing system from accumulating limescale in the long term. Our excellent water treatment installation service in Salt Lake City, UT begins with a thorough assessment so we give you only what you need, and nothing you do not. Here are some options to consider:

  • Reverse Osmosis. A reverse osmosis system modifies the natural biological process of osmosis to filter you water through a fine membrane. It is the most comprehensive filtering option available and remains highly effective at removing the hardness of water as well as numerous other contaminants.
  • Water Filter. A whole–house water filter is less comprehensive than reverse osmosis, but can remove many contaminants from your water. It is a relatively simple device that uses a medium to capture particles as they pass through.
  • Water Softener. If you have hard water, you may want to opt for a water softener, which uses an ionic exchange process that takes the hardness out of water, while inputting a very small amount of sodium in its place.

Water Treatment Replacement Services in Salt Lake City

Over time, your water treatment system endures a significant amount of wear and tear. Just think of how much water passes through it every time you turn on the faucet, shower, or washing machine. While they are designed to be sturdy and reliable, there may come a time when yours can no longer handle the load, and it begins to wear down. While such issues may be repaired, there is something to be said for water treatment replacement in Salt Lake City, UT. We can give you an honest assessment of your device, whatever type it is. It may make more financial sense to replace the entire device than to continue repairs, especially if they are major or frequent.

Call At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air today quality water treatment installation and replacement services in Salt Lake City.