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Worried About Germs This Holiday? Consider a UV Air Purifier

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but Christmas is on the way, and Salt Lake City, UT homeowners will be welcoming friends and family into their homes in the next few weeks. We all love it when those close to us come home for a friendly holiday visit, but out-of-town guests may bring something less-than-welcome with them: germs and viruses. Nothing can spread colds and illnesses like a gaggle of out-of-town germs, which is why we tend to see a lot more illnesses during the holiday season. But you don’t just have to resign yourself to it and stock up on the cold pills. Instead, consider a UV air purifier in your home to handle germs this holiday season.

A Lethal Weapon

If you recall high school science class, you know that ultraviolet light sits above the visible spectrum, meaning that we’re not able to see it. We can feel its effects when we go outside, however: it causing tans and sunburns when we’re exposed to sunlight. By and large it’s harmless beyond that, at least to humans and other higher life forms like pets. But to germs and bacteria, it completely destroys them: interfering with their DNA so they can’t replicate and killing them instantly upon exposure.

Your Ducts Make the Best Strike Point

Obviously, you can’t just bathe your home in UV light and be done with it. You need a spot that is exposed to the maximum amount of air for the minimum amount of effort. That spot is the apex to your duct system, where the air slowly circulates while running your heater or air conditioner. A UV light placed across it will fill the whole space, forcing germs and bacteria into it and killing them dead before they have a chance to infect you or your family.

Contact At Your Service today to have a UV air purifier installed before Christmas!

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