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Why the Sacrificial Anode Rod is so Important to Water Heaters

Although you may not realize it, your water heater is one of the most essential components for your day-to-day life. Not only does it keep your shower warm and make temperatures bearable, you also need hot water for a number of daily tasks, including doing laundry, washing dishes, and washing your face and hands. Without access to warm water, we’d be a lot less comfortable in our own homes.

A water heater can run for years—decades in some cases—without any damage. But at the moment rust begins to form, your water heater is no longer viable. Rust leads to corrosion, meaning you never know when your system will begin to leak. Luckily, the anode rod is a part that protects the unit from rust—as long as you maintain it with regular services. Protect your system by scheduling regular maintenance for your water heater in Salt Lake City.

The Sacrificial Anode Rod and Water Heater Maintenance

Maintenance of a water heater is an important service for any water heater. Water heaters may seem to be in good condition for many years, but they can still have hidden problems that can have an impact on the unit in the future or add onto your monthly cost. For example, a dirty burner may not heat up water quickly enough, making your water heater inefficient.

One of the biggest potential problems for a water heater is if the sacrificial anode rod wears down too much. The sacrificial anode rod is a component that has only one goal: to corrode. This small rod is made of magnesium or aluminum. These elements are highly corrosive, which means corrosion should be diverted to the rod instead of to the steel tank as long as it is intact.

The sacrificial anode rod helps to protect your tank from rust and corrosion. But it can corrode so much that it is no longer effective. If you schedule regular water heater maintenance, a technician can let you know whether the anode rod needs replacement, and clean or adjust other components that may cause trouble or contribute to inefficiency.

The At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air team has plenty of experience with water heaters in Salt Lake City, so we can recognize when the anode rod is nearing the end of its life. Call us today!

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