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Why is My Air Conditioner Dripping Water?

If you’ve ever stopped your car after running the air conditioning on a hot, day. you may have noticed a little puddle of water forming underneath. That’s nothing to worry about: it’s condensate from the AC dripping down from the system. Air conditioners in cars don’t worry about where the water goes because it usually just drops harmlessly onto the road. The same thing can happen in your air conditioner at home, only this time, the water needs somewhere to go. If you spot it dripping in your system, it means you have a serious problem on your hands.

How it Happens

When the air cools, ambient moisture in it coalesces into droplets of liquid. This is the process by which dew is created in the early hours of the morning. The same thing happens in your air conditioner as it does its job. Most systems have a drain pan to collect the condensate and a drain line to remove it safely from the system. If a drip occurs, however, it means something has gone wrong. The line may be clogged, the pan may be misaligned, it may have sprung a leak or the pump removing the liquid may have broken down.

Getting It Fixed

It doesn’t take a professional to tell you what kind of damage water can cause to the internal components in your system. Electrical elements can short out, resulting in a serious repair job and even replacement of the entire unit in some cases. Newer air conditioners have a shut-off system that will turn off the AC before water leaks out, but that still leaves you with a significant problem to fix. Unfortunately, the very process of cooling the air makes water a part of the equation, meaning you need to deal with a faulty drain pan as soon as possible.

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