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Why Do Store-Bought Means of Drain Cleaning Rarely Work?

drain-cleaning-servicesWhen clogs show up in people’s drains, it usually does so at the least opportune time: when you’re cleaning the dishes, for example, or preparing a meal. Most of the time, people look for quick solutions to such problems, typically by buying a cleanser or plumbing snake at the local supermarket or hardware store. Unfortunately, store-bought means of cleaning drains rarely work the way they should, which means that the problem doesn’t really get solved. A professional plumbing service is almost always the best choice to deal with a clog in your drains. Why do store- bought means of drain cleaning rarely work? In part because they can address your particular problem.


The central issue with store-bought cleansers is that the solution is intended to handle any number or type of clog. That can mean tangled pasta, grease build-up, toothpaste, hair, or any number of other things. Yet a store-bought solution needs to be able to handle them all.

To be fair, most of them do, but it’s typically incomplete. That means they’ll open up just enough of the clog to restore water flow, but not enough to properly get rid of the clog. Chunks of the clog can easily remain in place, which means it will re-from again very quickly (possibly with different materials that will make clearing the resulting mess away very difficult indeed). You’ll be forced to re-applying the same solution over and over again to get the clog clean, dealing with a seemingly “new” clog every few weeks that is really just the same existing clog that hasn’t been dealt with.

Applying the same store-bought solution to the same spot in the pipes can be even more problematic because it will eventually begin to affect the pipes themselves. A harsh cleanser repeatedly applied to the same clog in the same spot will have a detrimental effect on the pipe, and may eventually result in a breach. Snakes can be a little better, but they can also cause damage in the forms of scratches and scrapes, which again is compounded by the fact that it’s being applied to the same spot in the pipes.

What Plumbers Do Differently

A professional plumbing service, on the other hand, has access to tools and equipment that aren’t normally available over the counter. Things like hydro jetting equipment or motorized snakes with rotating heads can deal with the problem more thoroughly. Professional plumbers also use video camera inspections and similar techniques to deduce the exact cause of the clog.

Because of that, the clog tends to get dealt with completely. The entire clog is removed because the plumber knows exactly what causes it and can apply the right tool to deal with the specific material. The pipe is cleaner as a result, and you won’t have to keep applying the same half measures over and over again to deal with the same issue!

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