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Why Do I Need to Repair a Short Cycling Air Conditioner?

Air conditioning specialists use the term “short cycling” to refer to an air conditioning system that turns on and off rapidly throughout the day. It might do so before it finishes cooling your home, or it might do so because it lowers the temperature very quickly. But regardless, it means trouble for your air conditioner, and here in Salt Lake City, UT, trouble is the last thing you need when summer temperatures are climbing. How is short cycling caused and why do you need to repair a short-cycling air conditioner? Read on for the answers.

What Creates Short Cycling?

Short cycling is usually created either by an existing problem with the air conditioner, such as low refrigerant or a compressor issue, or because the air conditioner itself is too powerful for the space. In the former cases, a repair technician should be able to correct the problem. In the latter, you may need to have the system replaced, and should look carefully at your warranty before proceeding. (You may be able to replace it with a more appropriately sized unit if you act quickly.)

Why Is It A Problem?

Your air conditioner uses far more energy starting up and shutting down than it does just running. In addition, the start-up and shutdown cycles create a lot of friction and strain on moving parts. Ideally, your system should run for at least fifteen minutes at a clip before turning off. Otherwise, you’re wasting huge amounts of energy and adding unnecessary strain to your air conditioner. And that assumes that the unit still cools your home. If it short cycles without doing its job, you’re apt to feel irritated and uncomfortable as it shuts off while leaving your home too warm, only to turn on again a short time later.

If you detect short cycling in your system, call At Your Service Plumbing, Heating, & Air immediately to get it fixed!

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