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Why Consider Adding UV Germicidal Lights to My Air Conditioning?

While no one likes to think about indoor air pollution, it is something to be aware of, particularly when you have a whole-home air conditioner. Indoor air pollution can consist of particles drawn in from the outside, such as dirt, dust and allergens, but they can also develop inside. There are components in your air conditioner that can be moist, which can make them more prone to developing biological contaminants. But there is a way to prevent these kinds of growths from developing inside your air conditioning system: UV germicidal lighting.

What Is UV Germicidal Lighting?

UV germicidal lights are air purifiers that destroy and eradicate biological contaminants.

How Does UV Germicidal Lighting Work?

UV germicidal lighting uses radiation from UV-C light rays to destroy the DNA of biological cells. The radiation also destroys the life-sustaining proteins of the cell, so it can’t survive or replicate.

Where Are UV Germicidal Lights Installed?

UV lights are pretty flexible and can be placed in a variety of locations, but two optimal locations are over the evaporator coils and in ductwork. This is because these areas tend to be more prone to biological growth than other parts of your air conditioning system.

Do UV Lights Filter Anything?

UV lights do not filter anything so it’s best to install UV lighting in combination with another air cleaner.

Why Should I Consider Adding UV Lights to My AC?

UV germicidal lights can offer the following benefits:

  • Can maximize your system’s efficiency
  • Provide healthier air to breathe
  • Keep your evaporator coils free of biological contaminants
  • Can extend life of your equipment
  • Destroy and eliminate odors
  • Destroy VOCs (volatile organic compounds)

Do UV Lights Need to Be Changed?

UV lights have an average lifespan of 12 months, so it’s advisable to have them changed annually.

UV germicidal lights are air purifiers that can destroy biological contaminants. If you are interested in possible adding UV lights to your air conditioning system, call the experts who can help with your air conditioning installation in Salt Lake City: At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air.

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