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Why Choose a Boiler Over a Furnace?

Forced-air furnaces remain a popular choice for many homes in the Holladay, UT area. They do their jobs quite well and are simple to operate in conjunction with the ductwork in your home. But while they work well for some households, others may do better with a boiler system, which eschews the “blown air” model in favor of heated water or steam used to warm your home. If you’re looking at installing a new heating system, either now or in the spring, you should consider some of the advantages that a boiler system brings.

  1. No Drafts. Forced-air furnaces can leave drafts and cold spots in your home, which are uncomfortable enough. More importantly, they often circulate germs, dust and other contaminants throughout your home, and since we rarely open up our households for the winter, that can spread illness and contamination through your home. Boilers, which use radiant heat to warm the home, suffer from none of these problems.
  2. Efficiency. Furnaces can lose heating power to leaky ducts, drafts under doors and similar issues. Boilers convey heat more efficiently, which can save you money on monthly bills as well as helping your home be more comfortable.
  3. No Ducts. Ductwork requires space in the walls, attic, and other hidden locations in your home. Not every home can support such a system, but boilers allow you to enjoy comprehensive heating without having to worry about where to put the ducts.
  4. Longevity. Boilers require maintenance just like any other system, but they do tend to last longer than furnaces and are less prone to breakdowns on that whole. That gives you good value for your dollar and ensures that your system will be around for many winters to come.

If you’re looking at a new furnace and want to explore your options, give At Your Service a call today!

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