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Why AFUE Ratings Matter When Installing a New Heater

Of the many technical specifications you will find on a furnace, boiler, or radiant heater, one of the most important to understand is AFUE. When you are planning a new heating installation in Salt Lake City, UT, the AFUE of the unit is crucial. In this post, we’ll explain what this rating means and why you need to know it.

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Just what is AFUE?

The initials AFUE stand for annual fuel utilization efficiency. This is a measure, expressed as a percentage, of how thoroughly a heating system converts its energy source into heat. If a heating system has an AFUE rating of 80%, it means that for every 100 units of heating fuel made available (natural gas, propane, oil), the heater returns 80 units of heat (measured as BTUs, British thermal units). The higher the AFUE rating, the more completely the heater burns its fuel and the less fuel that becomes exhaust waste.

Standard AFUE ratings vary widely according to unit. U.S. regulations require furnaces to score equal to or higher than 78%, and to qualify for the U.S. ENERGY STAR label, they must have an AFUE of 85% or above. Boilers tend to score higher AFUE than furnaces, and gas power in general has superior AFUE ratings than other fuel sources. High efficiency condensing furnaces can sometimes reach 98% AFUE.

Just how important is AFUE?

Knowing how high a heater’s AFUE rating is will help you predict how much you can expect to spend on your heating bill. This is a key factor in determining your yearly budget. If you compare the AFUE rating of your current heater to that of the one you plan for the replacement installation, you’ll have an idea of how much less (or possibly more) you will spend each year.

In general, heaters with higher AFUE ratings will cost more to install upfront. You will need to balance your long-term savings with your immediate budget to decide what AFUE rating is the best for you. However, you don’t need to make this choice on your own. Professional installers will help determine how much savings you can expect from a heating system over the years. Although AFUE is a very important factor for choosing your heating installation in Salt Lake City, UT, it isn’t the only factor.

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