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When Is It Time to Call for a Professional Plumber?

Everyone knows to call a plumber in case of some catastrophic failure with their home’s water system. If you’re not getting any water from your faucet, for example, or if your toilet explodes for some unknown reason. What about the smaller signs, however? Those more subtle, but still damaging, signs that something is wrong with your plumbing? Can you identify some of the less well known signs that you need to call for a professional? If not, keep reading to find out.

Loss of Water Pressure

Barring more rare occurrences like pipes rupturing, you probably aren’t going to have a sudden and complete loss of water flow. It is far more common for water pressure to slowly decrease as things like clogs begin to build up in the pipes. This can be subtle, taking months or even years to progress from the initial stages to a complete blockage. No matter how small a loss of water pressure may seem, however, you should never ignore it. Call a plumber as soon as you notice that your water flow is dwindling.

Water Damage

Most of the plumbing in your home is located in the walls and ceiling, out of sight. This doesn’t mean that you have no way of gauging the health of those pipes, however. Keep a sharp eye out for any water damage that may suddenly start to appear on the walls and ceilings of your home. Any mold, warped wallpaper, or discoloration should tip you off to possible leaks in your plumbing network. If you notice any signs of water damage anywhere in your home, it’s a good idea to call a plumber right away.

Visible Corrosion

Though most of the pipes in your home’s plumbing may be hidden from you, there are still a few that are likely visible, if you know where to look. Make a habit of examining these pipes at least once a year to check for any corrosion damage. Any white, powdery substance found on the pipes is evidence that the pipe is corroding, and may need professional attention.

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