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What Kinds of Tools Are Used for Drain Cleaning?

Tough build-up and clogs can be hard to reach and hard to remove; this is why plumbers have a range of professional-grade tools at their disposal to clear substantial build-up and clogs. If you’ve tried some home remedies, such as baking soda and vinegar, or boiling water, but are still hearing the gurgling of a slow drain, it may be time to call for professional drain cleaning services in Salt Lake City.

What Can Cause Dirty Drains?

There are a few ways your drains can become slow or backed-up. One of the biggest culprits is FOG: fasts, grease and oil. Fats, oil and grease do not disappear from your piping, no matter how much hot water you run down the drain. In fact, hot water can make the situation worse as it melts these items, allowing them to go further into your plumbing system. The problem comes when they cool because they are materials that congeal and stick to your piping. Another culprit is food particles.

Even a small piece of food lodged in your drain can cause slow draining or clogging. Sometimes you can plunge these items, but many times they’ll stay lodged. Lastly, hair and soap scum can be a big problem, especially in bathroom plumbing. Soap scum hardens on the inside of piping and when you add hair to it, you can have a hard, solid mess on your hands. So what do professionals use to remove these items? Let’s take a look.

Professional Tools

  • Motorized drain snakes – drain snakes use cables that have varying widths and lengths to accommodate all kinds of piping. Motorization comes from either an attached drill or an actual small motor. It takes training to use motorized drain snakes as they can cause damage to your plumbing if mishandled.
  • Scour jetting/hydrojetting – scour jetting is akin to power washing your home: powerful water jets remove clinging debris in your pipes and flush it from your plumbing system without causing damage.
  • Video equipment – video pipe inspection allows the technician to see the problem in its entirety and choose a tool that will work best for the problem.

Professional tools should only be handled by professionals, so don’t run out and purchase a motorized drain snake for yourself. Instead, call the experts you can always count on for professional drain cleaning in Salt Lake City: At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air.

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