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What Kinds of Problems Does Air Conditioning Maintenance Address?

You may have contacted an air conditioning service a couple of times for professional installation or repairs. But if you’ve never called an AC technician for air conditioning maintenance in Salt Lake City, your system may be suffering.

Air conditioning maintenance is a service you can schedule every year to help prevent future problems and help your system run smoothly and efficiently all summer long. A professional cleans and adjusts components of your system and inspects the entire AC unit for any problems that could affect performance or efficiency. Maintenance is not the same as repair; if you notice any issues with your air conditioner, you should call a technician immediately to schedule repairs. So what does air conditioning maintenance address?

  • Leaks: A leaky refrigerant line can cause a lot of problems for your air conditioner. If refrigerant leaks, you may only experience some reduced cooling in your home, but eventually low refrigerant levels can cause the compressor to fail. During maintenance, a technician will always check refrigerant levels and test for any leaks.
  • Dirt and Debris: If any part of your system is dirty or clogged, it could cause major problems for your system in the future. You can help prevent build-up by cleaning or changing air filters every month, but the evaporator coil, condenser unit, and condensate drain line all require maintenance as well. Dirt on the evaporator coil, for example, can cause it to freeze, decreasing the performance of your entire system. The maintenance technician will check this part and others and clean these parts whenever necessary.
  • Lubrication: The motors of your AC unit need lubrication to function properly. Often, adding a little oil to a motor can greatly improve the performance of your system.
  • Further Repairs: If your air conditioner needs further repairs, your AC technician will let you know and recommend repair services. While an AC service may be unable to repair problems at the time, the technician will perform a full inspection and make recommendations, reducing the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns in the future.

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