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What Kinds of Problems Are Caused by Low Humidity?

Salt Lake City, UT is a very dry part of the country, and while we see our share of snowfall in the winter, relative humidity levels stay low throughout the year. You’ve likely experienced some of the effects of that, which can greatly decrease the comfort levels in your home and even create mild medical problems if the air is dry enough. The solution could be a humidifier installed as part of your HVAC system by a friendly professional. If you know the kinds of problems that are caused by low humidity, you’ll understand how a humidifier can help you conquer them.

Dry Cracked Air

Generally speaking, relative humidity levels need to be higher than 30% for human beings to feel comfortable. When it drops below that, it starts to wick moisture from our skin and can lead to drying and cracking. Our lips feel chapped and when we move, we tend to generate static electricity which can shock other family members when we touch them. Low humidity levels have a similar effect on home furnishings: causing them to dry and crack over time. And overall, you tend to feel colder when humidity levels are low, forcing you to turn the heat up higher when you might not otherwise need to.

Humidifiers Can Help

A humidifier works by wicking water from a reservoir into a basin, then blowing air over the basin with a fan. The added moisture then circulates into your home as it raises the overall humidity levels. It’s a simple and elegant system that can be integrated with your HVAC system very easily. Not only does it elevate comfort levels in your home and prevent those painful cracks and chapping, but it can help your HVAC system function more effectively, since your heating and air won’t have to compensate for the increased chill you feel with low humidity.

If you think a humidifier is right for your home, then give At Your Service a call today!

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