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What is an Anode Rod?

If you’ve had work done on your water heater or just had a new one installed in your Salt Lake City, UT home,  you may have heard the term “anode rod” passed around. It’s a vital part of your system, because it’s what keeps the sides of the water heater rusting due to the constant exposure to water. The anode rod prevents rust and keeps rusty flakes and powder out of your drinking water, which makes it one of the most important components of any sort in your system. What is an anode rod and how does it work? The answers can help explain why timely water heater maintenance is absolutely essential.

How Does the Rod Work?

The rod itself is simply a steel wire encircles by layer after layer of either aluminum or magnesium, depending upon the kind of anode rod you buy.  It’s put in the tank, and remains there until it wears out: pulling the ions that cause rust towards it and away from the inside of the tank. That means the anode rod takes it instead of the water heater itself.

Why Does It Need Checking

Unfortunately, while it does its job quite well, the anode rod ultimately deteriorates as time goes on. The ionization also causes it to shed layers until only the steel rod is left. When that happens, the sides of the water heater may start to rust, leading to health problems, non-potable water and a replacement water heater in most cases. Accordingly, we recommend that our customers switch out the anode rod at least once a year, though a technician can perform that function as part of a scheduled annual maintenance session as well.

For maintenance sessions, anode rod replacement and any other issues related to your water heater, give At Your Service a call today!

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