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What Is a Flame Sensor?

Safety mechanisms are very important on heating equipment, particularly with combustion heating equipment. Without safety mechanisms, dangerous situations can develop, putting you, your family and your home at risk. There are safety mechanisms for every stage of your heater’s cycle, and today we’re going to talk about flame sensors. However, if you experience any issues with your heater, and need heating repair, call the people who can help you day or night: At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air.

The Flame Sensor

In a combustion heating system, jets of gas are lit in the burner. The heat from the burner warms the heat exchanger, which in turn provides the warm air for your home. The burner is a powerful component, with anywhere from 4-8 jets, depending on the size of the furnace. For the furnace to operate correctly, all the jets in the burner must combust equally. The flame sensor’s job is to monitor the flame of the last burner to ensure that the jets are operating as they should. Like a thermocouple, the flame sensor is constructed of metals that generate an electrical voltage when heated. When the flame of the last burner is burning correctly, the flame sensor allows the system to keep the gas flowing until the set temperature of your home is achieved. Should the last flame of the burner be too hot or too cool, or not lit at all, the flame sensor will close the main gas valve, discontinuing the flow of fuel.

Common Problems with a Flame Sensor

The most common problem with flame sensor is that they become dirty. A layer of dirt on a flame sensor can block the sensor from properly reading the flame; this can result in a shutdown of your system. Should the flame sensor shift position, it may not be close enough to the flame to get a proper reading. Lastly, flame sensors can corrode, in which case replacement is necessary.

When the safety devices of your system malfunction, they can cause myriad problems, so it’s best to call a professional for heating repair in Salt Lake City. At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air has the trained and certified technicians you need, so call us today!

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