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What Causes Low Air Flow?

When people think of problems with their air conditioner, they usually think of something that keeps the air conditioner from functioning at all, or something that keeps it from generating cool air. They’re certainly a problem, and here in Salt Lake City, UT, you want to get them looked at right away. But beyond generating cool air, your air conditioner needs to be able to push that air into your home. When it can’t, you’ll notice it with reduced air flow, which can be just as harmful to your system and requires professional attention as soon as you detect it. What causes low air flow? There are a number of culprits, but some of the more obvious causes include the following:

Fan Problems

The fan pushes the cool air through your ducts, and obviously when it runs into trouble, your air flow is going to slow down drastically. Physical damage to the fan such as bent or broken blades can cause a problem, as can a loose fan belt, or a misaligned fan that blows the air in the wrong direction.

Electrical or Motor Problems

The fan is usually powered by a motor, which takes electricity to operate. If there’s a problem with the motor – such as overheating or a faulty component – then the fan won’t turn as quickly. The same thing will happen if there’s a problematic connection with any of the electrical wiring, or if the wiring itself is frayed or damaged. You might also check the breaker box in your house to make sure that the air conditioner is getting power and the problem doesn’t lie elsewhere in your home.


Clogs can occur when air filters aren’t cleaner or changed often enough, or from trouble somewhere in your ducts, such as a dent or a build-up of detritus. The clog will need to be cleared before the system can function at full capacity again.

When you spot these signs, turn off the air conditioner and call At Your Service to take care of the problem properly.

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