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What are the Benefits of a Zone Control System?

Zone control systems act to provide the same advantages of a ductless mini-split system for use in a centralized HVAC system. That’s the textbook write-up anyway. The truth of it is a lot less technical. Most homes in Salt Lake City, UT use centralized systems to heat and cool their homes: a single central air conditioner and heater which warms or cools the air and then blows it into the rooms of your house through a system of ducts. A zone control system doesn’t alter any of that. It simply allows a more precise measure of control over where the air goes.

How It Works

The system itself operates on very simple concept. A technician installs a series of valves and shutters which can seal the ducts closed in different sections of the house. Each set of shutters has its own separate control panel, along with a thermostat connected to it. That allows you to set different temperatures in different parts of the house, as well as turning off the heat or air conditioning in certain parts of the home while leaving them on in other parts.

The Benefits

The most obvious benefit is the improved control you have over the system. Say you’re in the living room and you want the temperature at 75, while someone else is in their bedroom and wants the temperature at 72. A zone control system lets you do that quite easily, avoiding any family squabbles. More importantly, the system lets you shut the heat off in rooms that aren’t being occupied, which will allow you to spend less money on heating and air conditioning costs while sparing your system unnecessary wear and tear. Not only will your monthly bills go down, but you’ll reduce the risk or a major repair and even extend the life of your system in the process.

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