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Ways You Can Update Your Current Air Conditioning

The fall is a good time to have repairs done for your air conditioning. As the days become cooler—but with the possibility of hot days still hovering—it’s a wise idea to have any operating problems with the AC taken care of. You should never delay when it comes to air conditioning repair, no matter what the season.

The fall is also an ideal time for upgrades on your AC. If your air conditioner is extremely old and starting to wear down, you should consider a replacement for it. But for an air conditioner that still has years left in it and is running the way it should, there are some updates you can make to increase its performance and efficiency. Call At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air today and talk to our specialists in air conditioning in Salt Lake City. They will have many ideas on what they can do to make your current AC run even better.

Some Methods to Update an AC

  • Install zone control: It seems like a waste of energy that you have to cool down your entire home every time you activate the AC, even though many of the rooms don’t need it. But there’s a solution to this: have professionals install zone control in your ventilation system. Zone controls divide a house into different “zones,” which can be as few as two (upstairs and downstairs) to as many as there are rooms. Dampers inside the ducts can shut off the conditioned air to different zones, so you only need to cool down the places in the house that need it. You’ll save money on your bills and create an even distribution of cooling around the house.
  • Updated thermostat: If the same thermostat has been sitting on your wall for ten years or more, than you should consider replacing it with a cutting-edge model that lets you take advantage of advanced features. Even switching from a manual thermostat to a basic digital model will give you more precise control over the temperature settings. But you can go so much farther than this with programmable and Wi-Fi enabled models that give you control over the temperature in your home even when you’re not there.
  • Replace the condenser: If your AC has started to lose efficiency or performance capability, but it doesn’t seem like it’s time for it to retire completely, you might consider just replacing the outdoor condenser unit with a higher efficiency model. This is a good halfway step between repairing and replacing, and the money you’ll save from the increased efficiency will help balance out the costs.

These are only some of the ways to have your air conditioning updated for better performance and efficiency. At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air has NATE-certified technicians ready to assist you with getting the best from your cooling any time of the year.

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