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Watch Out for Low Air Flow

Summers get hot here in South Jordan, UT, though not quite as hot as they might elsewhere in the country. Your air conditioner is your best defense again those high temperatures, and when trouble arises, you need to respond to it quickly. The faster you can detect a problem and summon an air conditioning repair service, the more damage you can prevent and the faster the process will go. 

Among the issues we ask our customers to watch for is low air flow from out of their vents. What causes it and why it can be such a problem are very important in demonstrating why fast response to a problem can be a huge boon.

What Causes Low Air Flow?

Low air flow can be caused by a block in the vents somewhere, such as with a clogged air filter or perhaps a dent in the vent body itself. It can also occur if there’s a breach in the duct, pulling the air out of the system. Alternately, the problem may be a lack of blowing power instead of a block, such as a faulty fan motor or fan blades that have become misaligned. Either way, the low air flow will continue until the problem is properly resolved.

Why Is It a Problem?

In the briefest possible terms, it’s a problem because it reduces efficiency. When the air doesn’t flow as fast through your system, the air conditioner has to run for longer periods of time to cool your home. As a result, your monthly bills are higher and the added strain presents a much greater risk of a breakdown somewhere else in the system. Low air flow is a common symptom of a lot of problems, but spotting it is fairly easy: just feel the air coming out of your vents and note if it’s lower than you might expect.

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