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UV Lights Help Make Healthier Homes

UV-air-purifierSpring is typically the time when biological contaminants start to become a nuisance. Germs, bacteria and pollen flourish, increasing allergic reactions and adding to the risk of you or a family member contracting an illness. Heaters and air conditioners contain filters, but they need to be regularly replaced, and don’t always do as thorough a job as they should. If you’re looking to cut down on germs and other unwanted creepy-crawlies in your air, we have an outstanding solution for you: UV air purifiers placed in your HVAC system.

How Do They Work?

UV stands for “ultraviolet,” a wavelength of light that we can’t see, but which affects us every day. It appears in sunlight, and causes our skin to tan and burn when we spend a lot of time outdoors. We use UV light bulbs for a number of services, and you’ve likely seen UV bulbs at amusement parks or rock concerts. (They’re what causes your clothes to glow in the dark.) The light projected from UV bulbs is far weaker than sunlight, and thus perfectly safe for multi-cellular organisms like humans and pets.

For germs, however, the effect is much nastier. UV light will either kill them instantly upon contact or fuse their DNA, which renders them unable to replicate. Either way, they’re unable to cause harm once they encounter the light. The question becomes, where can you put such a light such that it will do the most good while taking up the least amount of space?

Placement in Your Ducts is Key

Centralized heating and air conditioning systems use a system of ducts to carry conditioned air to the various corners of your home. In the process, they circulate most of the air in your home. That makes the apex of the duct a great: choke point to let the UV air purifier do its job. The UV lights shine across the width of the ducts, forming an impenetrable barrier that not even the tiniest germ can get through. As the air conditioner runs (or the heater in the winter), it gradually scrubs the air clean, eliminating new germs as they arrive as effectively as germs or bacteria that have lingered.

As a result, you’ll find your air feeling fresher and cleaner than it normally does. More importantly, instances of illness will go down considerably, and your family will feel healthier and happier overall. UV air purifiers are a good idea for every home, but we especially recommend them for homes with:

  • Infants or toddlers, who may be more vulnerable to germs.
  • The elderly, who are similarly vulnerable to colds and illnesses.
  • People suffering from asthma, or similar conditions.
  • People who work in at-risk jobs, such as nursing or retail jobs that put you in contact with a large number of people.

If your home struggles with spring colds, excess bacteria or other biological contaminants, call At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air to discuss your UV air filter options. We provide indoor air quality services for residences throughout South Jordan, UT!

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