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Trust a Plumber to Handle Clogs in Your Drains

plumbing-repair-servicesClogs in our drain pipes are fairly common occurrences, and it’s never pleasant to see the water in your sink or tub backing up instead of draining away like you need it to. The go-to solution for such problems is to purchase a store-bought cleanser or perhaps a snake from a nearby hardware store. Such methods and cheap and relatively inexpensive, which is why they’re so popular. Unfortunately, they rarely work effectively and must often be applied multiple times to fix the problem. A professional plumber, on the other hand, can get the clog fixed the right way and ensure that it doesn’t trouble you again.

Why Don’t Store-Bought Solutions Work?

The primary problem with store-bought solutions is that they’re designed to treat any kind of clog, whether it’s coffee grounds, toothpaste, pasta, congealed fat or human hair. That’s a wide variety of materials and it only scratches the surface as to the potential causes of the clog. And yet a store-bought cleanser needs to handle all of them solely by pouring it down the drain. Snakes too, adopt a one-size-fits-all solution to a wide variety of potential clogs.

The problem is that that rarely deals with the clog properly. It’s usually enough to open up enough to the clog to let water flow through again, but tends to leave pieces of the clog stuck to the side of the pipe. That means that the drain will still be restricted and that the clog might re-form again in a short time: forcing you to re-use the over-the-counter solution over and over again.

That can be very hard on your pipes, especially if it’s the same clog in the same place. Furthermore, chemical cleansers can be hard on the environment, and even if the clog gets treated, it leaves chemicals to wash down the pipes and into our civic sewer system.

Plumbers Bring the Right Tools

A professional plumber, on the other hand, has access to tools that are prohibitively expensive for most laymen (who won’t have need of them more than a handful of times at the most), but which prove much more adept at dealing with stubborn clogs. For instance, video pipe inspection lets a plumber send a tiny camera down the pipe and get a good look at exactly what’s causing the clog.

That allows the plumber to select specific tools that match the clog, which will take care of it the right way. A mechanical snake with a rotating head, for instance, can be fitted with the precise head to match the clog. Other tools, such as hydro-jetting hoses will scour the entire clog away cleanly without leaving any toxic chemicals to poison the environment. Most importantly, the clog is taken care of the right way and you won’t be forced to keep using the same half-measures over and over again to treat the same problem.

Here in Salt Lake City, UT, plumbing clogs can be cleared up by the professionals of At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air. Call us today!

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