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Tips for Your Air Conditioner This Fall

With fall officially here, the time has come for Salt Lake City, UT homeowners to turn away from their air conditioning system and towards their heating systems. But before you fire up the furnaces for another winter, it pays to set up some basic servicing and maintenance for your air conditioning system. Some of this requires the attentions of a technician and some can be performed yourself. But all of it will help your air conditioner stay free of problems during the colder months and be ready to go when you need to turn it on again in the spring.

Get a Maintenance Session

A maintenance session from a trained professional is an absolute must for air conditioners at the end of every summer. Months of use and the attendant strain have likely creates a clot of little issues which the session can clear up: loose bolts, clogged filters and countless other tiny problems that can add up to bigger ones if you’re not careful. If larger problems are detected, you can schedule a repair session for them with the entire winter available to set the date at your convenience. Not only will your air conditioner be ready for next summer, but it will perform more efficiently as well, helping to save you money on those monthly bills.

Keep It Covered and Clean

In addition to a maintenance session, you should take steps to keep your air conditioner free or rain, snow and outdoor debris. Go out every couple of weeks and clear leaves and twigs from around the outdoor AC unit. If weeds have sprung up, you should pull them. That kind of detritus can block the vents and even get into the system itself. Similarly, you should keep your outdoor unit as dry as possible or purchase a cover for it.

For help with getting your air conditioner ready for fall, call At Your Service today!

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