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Time to Install a Whole-House Humidifier

Holladay, UT stands at a very high elevation, and when you combine that with our cold winters, it’s a recipe for very dry air. That can be more than an inconvenience if you’re not careful: resulting in health problems and lowering the quality of life in your home. A whole-house humidifier works in conjunction with your HVAC system to solve the problem quickly and efficiently, and it can be installed in your home by friendly professionals before the first snows start to fall. Here’s how it all works.

Problems With Dry Air

Whenever relative humidity levels drop below 30% or so, the air is dry enough to start pulling moisture from your body and the furnishings in your home. That begins with dry, cracked skin and chapped lips, which are uncomfortable in the extreme. Even worse, it can dry out your sinuses, which is your body’s way of stopping cold bugs and viruses. Your chances of getting sick thus increase. Static electricity becomes more prevalent, and the air itself feels colder, forcing your heating system to work much harder to do its job. This can often compound the problem, especially if you have a forced-air furnace.

A Simple Solution

A whole-house humidifier is very simple in concept: usually just a wick or pad fed by a reservoir of water, with a fan blowing across it to release additional moisture into the air. But the effects can vastly improve the comfort levels of your home. More importantly, it can help ease the strain on your heating system, helping you recoup the cost of installation in lower heating bills and fewer instances of illness in your family. Best of all, their simplicity means they rarely require repairs.

If the prospect of a humidifier sounds like a good fit for your home, call At Your Service Plumbing, Heating and Air today!

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