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Time to Check the Status of Your A/C

air-conditioning-repairSummer has entered its last few weeks, and while temperatures remain high in the area, they’ll soon be cooling off, and our air conditioning use will give way to heating use before you know it. Now might be an excellent time to take a look at your air conditioner and see how the long summer has treated it. Qualified air conditioning services often offer maintenance plans for just such circumstances, giving your technician a chance to see how your system has held up over the long summer.

A Tune-Up

Maintenance sessions aren’t quite the same as repairs, which are intended to correct a specific problem with your system. Instead, they’re a more general look at the system: checking for little problems like loose bolts and clogged filters as well as signs that something more serious that may be coming down the pike. If any of those little things need correcting, the technician will take care of it during the course of the maintenance session. If something more serious is required, the technician will schedule a formal repair session in the near future.

The Benefits

There are two main benefits to conducting a maintenance session:

  1. Improved Efficiency. Tightening those bolts, greasing moving parts and conducting other little steps to address similar problems will improve the system’s efficiency. When you turn your air conditioner on next summer, it will likely perform without using quite so much energy, helping to cut down on high summer cooling bills next year. Doing so now means not having to worry about it over the break, which lets you start your system up as soon as the first warm day hits in the spring.
  2. An Early Jump on Repairs. If further repairs are needed, the sooner you can deal with it, the better. The long summer has likely put a strain on your system – especially older systems where the warranty has expired – and if there’s a breakdown or other serious problem coming, you want to be made aware of it sooner rather than later. It prevents any nasty surprises like unexpected shutdowns, which are common during the latter half of the summer. It also allows you to schedule a repair session at your leisure: during a time when you have nothing going on, instead of forcing you to rearrange your busy life to accommodate it.

Why Now?

With your system running for months on end, you may not yet be aware of any problems that may be brewing. If you leave your air conditioner unchecked over the winter, you could be in for a nasty surprise in the spring. Even in the event that further repairs aren’t required, regular maintenance can help reduce the effects of wear and tear on the system. When applied regularly over time it can extend the life of your air conditioner well beyond the warranty, providing months or even years of extra use for your system. Late summer and early fall makes an excellent time for regularly scheduled maintenance sessions.

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