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Things to Consider Before Adding a Bathroom Sink

Adding a new sink to your bathroom is an excellent way to upgrade the space without needing to invest in a full remodel. Bathroom sinks come in a great number of models today which can create a roomier and more beautiful appearance to your bathroom.

You will need an experienced plumber to handle the difficulties of putting a new sink into your bathroom. An amateur job can result in a sink with poor sealing and mounting, leading to leaks and possible collapse. Call for experts in bathroom plumbing in Salt Lake City to handle the addition of a new sink. At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air employs Master and Journeyman plumbers to provide you with the quality work you expect for your home.

Here Are Three Important Considerations For Before Adding A Bathroom Sink:

I. Beneath the Sink: Storage or Space?

You have a large variety of sink types to choose from that go beyond the standard top-mount and bottom-mount sinks. Some sink designs today will maximize available floor space and movement space, such as wall-mount sinks and pedestal sinks. However, these models will reduce storage space and have fewer surfaces for placing items. Other sinks allow for additional cabinets and storage, but will take up more of the floor. When choosing a new sink, balance out your needs for storage vs. your need for additional floor a movement space.

II. Location

Do you like the location of your current sink? If you’ve found it in an inconvenient spot relative the shower, the toilet, and the door, then consider having it moved to a new place in the bathroom. This will involve additional plumbing work, but it may be the key to making your bathroom an easier space to use, as well as a more attractive one.

III. Plumbing Replacement

When replacing a sink in a bathroom, you can simply have the new sink attached to your current plumbing; a skilled plumber will have no difficulty doing that. However, you may consider replacing the drainpipe as part of the sink replacement. Sometimes this is advisable for a new sink to better accommodate its operation and increase its efficiency (i.e. reduce the chances of clogs). If you have older plumbing and aging pipes (pre-1970), it’s advisable to have them changed for newer material.

Adding a bathroom sink can be an enjoyable experience: when you see the many beautiful designs available, you’ll discover how much you can express your own style through just a sink. To make the rest of the job easy, call At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air to handle the heavy work. For excellent service for bathroom plumbing in Salt Lake City, UT, we are one of your best options.

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