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The Benefits of Radiant Heating Systems

We extol the virtues of radiant heating systems for our customers here in Salt Lake City, UT, and while it’s not right for every home, it offers a number of benefits that could help you considerably. The system itself operates according to very simple principles: placing coils or tubes beneath the floor that warm the room via radiant heat (heating transferred directly from one material to another). That incurs a fairly high cost during installation, since you need to remove and replace the furnishings and floorboards in your home to have it installed. In exchange, however, the benefits your home can enjoy are considerable. Here’s a quick list to give you an idea of what we’re talking about.

  • Efficiency. Radiant heating tends to use far less energy than other types of heating, since it doesn’t depend on ducts or similar structures that can leak heat. That lowers the cost of running it, especially in larger homes which can be difficult to heat.
  • Easy power sources. Radiant heating systems usually use electrical power, and don’t require gas or similar hook-ups to operate. That makes them effective for homes in rural areas or similarly off of the civic grid.
  • No blown air. Forced-air furnaces, which are common heater types, blow heated air through your home. It’s an effective system, but it comes with a number of drawbacks: cold spots, circulating dust and an increase in colds and flu bugs. Radiant heating avoids all of those problems, making it an excellent resource for families with vulnerable members (such as babies or the elderly), or for homes troubled by drafts and other issues.
  • Clean energy. If you’re environmentally conscious, radiant heating systems offer a clean option for heating your home, since they use very little energy and don’t rely on oil or other fuels to keep you warm.

If radiant heating sounds like a good fit for you, call At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air today!


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