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What to Do About Water Heater Sediment Buildup

Monday, July 2nd, 2018

Every appliance in your household goes through wear-and-tear, and often requires a thorough cleaning. Although it’s easy to forget about it, your water heater is also another one of those appliances. One of the most common issues for water heaters in Salt Lake City is sediment buildup. In this post, we’ll tell you all about it, the dangers, and what you can do.

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Water Heater Maintenance Saves You Money

Monday, August 14th, 2017

water-heater-maintenanceWater heaters, especially traditional tank water heaters, are a staple of most homes in the area: storing heated water in a larger tank to be used when you bathe, clean or cook. Most of the time, they’re placed in the basement, garage or similar out-of-the-way locations, and they by and large do their work very quietly. Most homeowners can enjoy years or decades of reliable service from their water heaters, though that doesn’t prevent or preclude trouble arising.

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Flush Your Water Heater Every Few Months

Monday, July 18th, 2016

Your water heater is a key part of your home, but because it operates so quietly, trouble has a way of sneaking up on you. Many of the water heater repair calls we take here in Draper, UT come about because the homeowner wasn’t aware of the issue until it was too late. The best way to combat that tendency is to schedule a water heater maintenance session for your water heater once a year from a qualified professional plumbing service. You can help your own cause on this front by periodically flushing your water heater to clear sediment from the bottom. If left untreated, that sediment forms a barrier between the water and the heat source, reducing the heater’s efficiency and increasing strain on the system. The good news is that flushing the water heater is very easy to accomplish. All of you need is a hose and either access to a water drain or a bucket large enough to hold all of the water in your tank. Here are the steps to take to flush your water heater the right way.

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Think About Installing a Tankless Water Heater

Monday, July 11th, 2016

Here in Holladay, UT, we’re accustomed to getting our hot water from a traditional tank water heater, which is an inexpensive and efficient model. But it’s not the only type of water heater out there, and depending upon your circumstances, you may want to consider an alternative model, specifically a tankless water heater. They’re smaller than tank models and usually fit beneath the sink or near the show faucet they’re intended to serve. The bring a number of tangible benefits to the table, which you should seriously consider if you’re in the market for a new water heater.

How They Work

Just as their name implies, tankless water heaters do their jobs without relying on a tank. Traditional systems heat the water in the tank before piping it to your outlets. Tankless systems use heated coils and other technology to heat the water instantly as it passes through the pipes. The downside is that they’re more expensive to install and work bast in smaller homes with fewer residents (or places that don’t see regular use, such as vacation homes). With that said, it can provide a number of benefits that tank models simply can’t

What are the Benefits?

Tankless models benefit because they provide hot water instantly, instead of forcing you to wait while the hot water from the tank gets to your outlet. In addition, since they heat the water “on demand” as it were, it means you’ll never run out of  hot water while you’re showering or cooking. As a side benefit, those features mean you use a lot less water on the average than you do with a tank model, and since tankless water heaters heat the water more efficiently, they tend to cost less in monthly heating bills as well. When applied judiciously over time, those features can save up more than enough to offset the increased cost of installation.

Call At Your Service Plumbing, Heating and Air for more on tankless water heaters!

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What is an Anode Rod?

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

If you’ve had work done on your water heater or just had a new one installed in your Salt Lake City, UT home,  you may have heard the term “anode rod” passed around. It’s a vital part of your system, because it’s what keeps the sides of the water heater rusting due to the constant exposure to water. The anode rod prevents rust and keeps rusty flakes and powder out of your drinking water, which makes it one of the most important components of any sort in your system. What is an anode rod and how does it work? The answers can help explain why timely water heater maintenance is absolutely essential.

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Benefits of Water Heater Maintenance

Monday, February 15th, 2016

We rarely think about our water heaters until they run into trouble, which can be frustrating. Water heaters do their job quietly and without fuss, typically in the corners of your Salt Lake City, UT house like the basement. When they run into trouble, it’s usually big trouble, and owing to the nature of water heaters, usually necessitates replacing the entire unit. It doesn’t have to be that way. A timely maintenance call from a trained professional once or twice a year can not only prevent a catastrophic breakdown, but help your water heater last much longer than it might otherwise. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of water heater maintenance, demonstrating why it’s a good idea to schedule one today.

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3 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Water Heater

Monday, September 28th, 2015

No one likes to think about replacing their water heater, but no appliance is perfect and even the most stalwart water heater reaches a point where it’s easier simply to install a no one than let it continue functioning. Here in Salt Lake City, UT, the high salt content in our air can accelerate corrosion, which means you should keep a careful eye out for the signs that you need to replace your water heater. Here’s three in particular, which you should use as a guide when making your decision.

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3 Advantages of Tankless Water Heaters

Monday, July 20th, 2015

If you’re a homeowner in Salt Lake City, UT, you’re probably accustomed to the traditional tanked water heater in your garage or basement. The model has been in use for decades and remains a reliable means of heating water in your home. But it’s not the only means you have available. A tankless water heater offers a number of advantages over a tanked model, and while you certainly shouldn’t trade in a traditional water heater if yours is working fine, you might want to consider a tankless version if the time has come to replace a worn-out unit. Tankless water heaters cost a little more to install, but there are 3 big advantages that offset that.

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Why the Sacrificial Anode Rod is so Important to Water Heaters

Friday, February 27th, 2015

Although you may not realize it, your water heater is one of the most essential components for your day-to-day life. Not only does it keep your shower warm and make temperatures bearable, you also need hot water for a number of daily tasks, including doing laundry, washing dishes, and washing your face and hands. Without access to warm water, we’d be a lot less comfortable in our own homes.

A water heater can run for years—decades in some cases—without any damage. But at the moment rust begins to form, your water heater is no longer viable. Rust leads to corrosion, meaning you never know when your system will begin to leak. Luckily, the anode rod is a part that protects the unit from rust—as long as you maintain it with regular services. Protect your system by scheduling regular maintenance for your water heater in Salt Lake City.

The Sacrificial Anode Rod and Water Heater Maintenance

Maintenance of a water heater is an important service for any water heater. Water heaters may seem to be in good condition for many years, but they can still have hidden problems that can have an impact on the unit in the future or add onto your monthly cost. For example, a dirty burner may not heat up water quickly enough, making your water heater inefficient.

One of the biggest potential problems for a water heater is if the sacrificial anode rod wears down too much. The sacrificial anode rod is a component that has only one goal: to corrode. This small rod is made of magnesium or aluminum. These elements are highly corrosive, which means corrosion should be diverted to the rod instead of to the steel tank as long as it is intact.

The sacrificial anode rod helps to protect your tank from rust and corrosion. But it can corrode so much that it is no longer effective. If you schedule regular water heater maintenance, a technician can let you know whether the anode rod needs replacement, and clean or adjust other components that may cause trouble or contribute to inefficiency.

The At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air team has plenty of experience with water heaters in Salt Lake City, so we can recognize when the anode rod is nearing the end of its life. Call us today!

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Signs You Should Call for Water Heater Repair

Monday, February 9th, 2015

Water heaters are huge contributors to the quality of life in your home.

You don’t really realize how much you depend on hot water until something happens and you don’t have it anymore. Some water heater issues have pretty obvious symptoms, like a total loss of heat, while others are a lot more subtle. Regardless, it is a good idea to learn to recognize signs of a water heater issue well before a complete breakdown. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can identify a water heater problem before it’s too late.

Discolored Water

Brown or red water coming out of your faucets is a sign of advanced oxidization somewhere in your plumbing. This is an indication of an especially serious problem if it can be traced back to the water heater. Water heaters, especially those with storage tanks, are extremely vulnerable to rust from the large amount of water that they handle. To protect against this, water heaters typically include sacrificial anode rods inserted into the tanks. The anode rod is a long metal rod, designed to attract rust to itself instead of the walls of the tank. Once the anode rod has corroded enough, however, it needs to be replaced or the corrosion will spread to the tank. If you are getting discolored water from your water heater, call a professional right away. Water heaters with corrosion that advanced run the risk of rupturing and flooding the surrounding area.

Temperature Fluctuations

Water heaters can have trouble keeping up with demand, depending on how many people need hot water at once. This can cause the occasional sudden drop in water temperature, but there is a difference between running out of hot water and constantly uneven heat. If your water heater seems unable to provide water above a lukewarm temperature, or swings back and forth between hot and cold water, then you definitely have a problem. You’ll need to call a professional to examine your water heater.

If your water heater is acting up, call At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air. We provide water heater repair services throughout Salt Lake City.

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