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Why Is Low Humidity Such a Problem in the Winter?

Monday, January 30th, 2017

We live in the Salt Lake City, UT area, which means that none of us are strangers to the problems caused by low humidity. A desert atmosphere, high elevation and cold winters combine to make our air dry as a bone, and here in the middle of January, you can feel it more than ever. Why is low humidity such a problem in the winter, and what can you do about it? The answers can be found below.

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Is The Air in Your Home Too Dry?

Monday, November 21st, 2016

We’re no stranger to dry air here in Holladay, UT, owing to our high elevation and cold weather. You may experience excessive dry air in your home during the winter, creating a host of problems to contend with. You shouldn’t have to deal with that, especially during the holidays with a thousand more pressing matters on your mind. There is a solution, however — a whole-house humidifier — and if you don’t have one installed, now would be a perfect time to do so.

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Time to Install a Whole-House Humidifier

Monday, September 26th, 2016

Holladay, UT stands at a very high elevation, and when you combine that with our cold winters, it’s a recipe for very dry air. That can be more than an inconvenience if you’re not careful: resulting in health problems and lowering the quality of life in your home. A whole-house humidifier works in conjunction with your HVAC system to solve the problem quickly and efficiently, and it can be installed in your home by friendly professionals before the first snows start to fall. Here’s how it all works.

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Humidifiers Can Solve a Number of Problems

Monday, April 25th, 2016

Summers in Salt Lake City, UT aren’t as hot as they are elsewhere in the country, but dry air is a constant issue that prudent homeowners need to address. Now is the time to install a whole-house humidifier to deal with the issue, helping to reduce the dryness in the air and providing a number of benefits to your home as a result. Once you understand how humidifiers work, you can see how they can solve some considerable problems around your home.

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The Principles Behind Humidifiers

Monday, January 25th, 2016

Salt Lake City, UT suffers from extremely dry air in the winter, and that can be almost as big a concern for you household as low temperatures. We highly recommend installing whole-house humidifiers to halt dry air in its tracks and alleviate the problems associated with dry air. A humidifier itself is fairly simple: just a wick connected to a reservoir of water and a fan that blow across the wick to release moisture into your home. But what does that do precisely, and why is dry air such a problem? We’ve broken down the issue with the principles behind humidifiers, to give you an idea of how it all works.

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Fight Back Against Dry Air This Winter

Monday, October 19th, 2015

Dry air is a staple of Salt Lake City, UT in the wintertime, and can have as much of an effect on your household comfort levels as low temperatures. If left unaddressed, it can create all manner of discomfort and even lead to health problems. The solution is a whole-house humidifier, allowing you to fight back against dry air this winter and ensure that your household stays healthy and comfortable in the coming months. Now is the perfect time to install one, before the temperatures drop and you have the flexibility to set up the appointment at your leisure instead of rushing it ahead of a cold front.

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3 Problems Addressed by Humidifiers

Monday, July 13th, 2015

Salt Lake City, UT, has always suffered from dry air, and that can impact your household comfort levels as much as the temperature can. We generally need relative humidity levels to stay between 30% and 50% in order to stay comfortable. When it drops below that – and it often does here – then it can create all kinds of problems. The solution is a formal humidifier, which adds ambient moisture to the air and circulates it via the ducts in your central air conditioning system. It requires access to your home’s water supply and a professional technician to install it properly, but it can also address a number of problems that may be plaguing your household. We’ve listed three of them below.

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What Kinds of Problems Are Caused by Low Humidity?

Monday, June 15th, 2015

Salt Lake City, UT is a very dry part of the country, and while we see our share of snowfall in the winter, relative humidity levels stay low throughout the year. You’ve likely experienced some of the effects of that, which can greatly decrease the comfort levels in your home and even create mild medical problems if the air is dry enough. The solution could be a humidifier installed as part of your HVAC system by a friendly professional. If you know the kinds of problems that are caused by low humidity, you’ll understand how a humidifier can help you conquer them.

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