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Cracked Heat Exchangers Require Heating Repair Services

Monday, January 15th, 2018

cracked-heat-exhcangersWith winter in full force and cold weather now the norm in our neck of the woods, your furnace is going to be seeing daily use for months to come.  You can’t always anticipate when a breakdown will occur, but they’re reasonably common this time of year and some of them can be quite dire.

Take the issue of a cracked heat exchanger, for example. It’s a dangerous situation that can actually shut your heater down, and if it happens to your system, you need to call in a repair service immediately.  It’s especially prevalent in older systems where the warranty has expired and wear and tear have taken a huge toll. Here’s a quick look at what it all means.

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Heater Repair Services Offer Benefits

Monday, December 4th, 2017

heating-repair-serviceWinter is almost here and most of us are using our heaters on a daily basis by now. That increased use means increased strain on the system as well, and that means an increased risk of a breakdown as the weather gets cold. A servicing session can catch many problems before they begin, and if you haven’t had your heater maintained in the last twelve months, now is an ideal time to schedule a session. But no system is fool-proof, and sooner or later your heater is going to require the services of a professional.

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Time to Evaluate the State of Your Furnace

Monday, February 27th, 2017

Heating__dreamstime_xl_28529517_2-meWinter is slowly coming to an end, and while we still have several weeks of cool weather at least, the temperature is going to start climbing very soon. This makes an ideal time to evaluate the state of your furnace and to make plans for it in the off-season. Spring is perfect to schedule repairs and maintenance if your system needs it, and to plan for a replacement furnace in the vent your existing system just isn’t doing the job anymore. As the weather starts to warm up, you can take some steps to maintain your furnace and plan for further steps if necessary.

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Problems That Can Develop with Your Furnace’s Burner

Friday, December 12th, 2014

The burner is arguably the most important part of a furnace, responsible for actually providing all of the heat used to warm the air in your home. The number of burners may vary from system to system, but they all fill the same role. Though the construction of a burner is fairly simple, it is still susceptible to a number of issues that can affect its ability to heat your home. Let’s take a look at some of those problems.

Carbon Buildup

Most home furnaces use natural gas as a fuel source. As the burners combust the natural gas, they produce a number of combustion byproducts as waste material. These byproducts, which include carbon and several kinds of toxic gas, are vented through the exhaust flue and out of the house. Some of the carbon produced, however, often sticks to the burner itself. This isn’t a problem at first, but the more carbon builds up, the more it will impede the burner’s operation. Eventually, the carbon buildup can cause the burner to fire more slowly, produce a weaker flame, or even fail altogether. It is important to have your burners checked if you think that your furnace might be having trouble producing enough heat.

Other Issues

Carbon buildup is the biggest contributor of burner issues, but it isn’t the only one. Dust often coats all parts of the furnace after a while, including the burners. Corrosion from moisture can begin to degrade the burner assembly. It is even possible for a blockage to develop in the gas line, preventing the burners from receiving adequate fuel. The best that you can do, as a homeowner, is to make sure that the external sections of the burner assembly are clean and free of debris. Be sure to shut off the gas valve before cleaning the burners. If you aren’t comfortable cleaning your burner assembly, call a professional to do it for you.

If your furnace is giving you trouble, call At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air. We offer professional heating repairs throughout the entire Salt Lake City area.

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