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Spring is Here! Time for Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air-conditioning-efficiencyWith the coming of spring comes spring cleaning in most homes in the area, as we air out our stuffy living rooms and beat the dust our of our rugs. Your air conditioner should be a part of that cleaning process, since you’re going to need it to run like a clock in a few weeks when the weather warms up. Now is the ideal time to prepare for it with an air conditioning maintenance session from a qualified service. What is a maintenance session and how can it help you? Read on for the answers.

Watching for Problems Big and Small

A maintenance session isn’t strictly like a repair session, which is designed to fix a single specific problem. Instead, it gives the technician a chance to look the system over for any problems, big or small. For problems that can be fixed without a big repair session – little things like loose wires or worn bolts – the technician can do so as part of the session. If further repairs are required, the technician can schedule the repair service immediately, and in many cases can conduct it immediately after the maintenance session in most cases.

How Does That Help the Air Conditioner?

Results may vary depending on your make and model (and the state it is in), but can result in significant savings in most cases. There are three ways that a maintenance session can help out your air conditioner:

  1. Lower Monthly Bills. Tightening loose bolts, recharging refrigerant levels and conducting all those other little steps will help your air conditioner do its job more efficiently. That means it will cost less to run than it might have without the maintenance session, which can be a huge benefit when summer temperatures are high. In addition, it will reduce the strain on individual components in the air conditioner, which in turn will lower the risk of future repairs.
  2. Lower Repair Costs. In the event more serious repairs are required, a maintenance session lets you get out in front of it. In the first case, the repairs tend to cost less than they might otherwise, since the damage hasn’t had as much time to spread. In the second, getting an early jump on repairs allows you to schedule the repairs at your convenience, instead of having to make room in your day for an emergency session.
  3. A Longer Lifespan. When applied regularly over time, maintenance sessions can extend the life of your system considerably: by months or even years in some cases. Considering the costs of a replacement system, that can end up saving you quite a bit. Furthermore, regular maintenance sessions can reduce the frequency and cost of repairs later in the system’s life, after the warranty has expired. That too, can put quite a bit of money back in your pocket during the later stages of your air conditioner’s life.

For quality air conditioning maintenance sessions throughout Salt Lake City, UT, call the friendly pros of At Your Service today!

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