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Some of Your Options for Sprinkler Systems

Having a quality sprinkler system set up for your lawn and yard removes a major chore from your “to-do” list each week. With the right sprinkler system hooked up to your water line, you can have an even spray of water to keep your property green available at just the turn of a handle—or turned on with an automatic system.

You’ll need a master or journeyman plumber in Salt Lake City, UT to install the right sprinkler system for your property. It’s not only vital to make sure that there are no leaks or potential problems for your plumbing, but also to see that you have the correct kind of system sending out sufficient water for your plants and grass without over-watering.

At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air has installed sprinkler systems for over 30 years. You can trust our plumbers to help you keep a green and growing yard with efficient and effective sprinklers.

Options for Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems come in a variety of basic types:

  • Slow-drip systems – This is an excellent way to save water while irrigating your plants. Instead of sending water to the plants all at once over a short period of time, a slow-drip system releases a few gallons of water per hour into the soil. There is less evaporation of water than from spray and rotor systems, and they fit well with the plumbing in older homes because they require less pressure to operate. However, they may not release enough water to fit the needs of some properties.
  • Spray-type – A spray sprinkler is the type most people are familiar with. They release water in a gentle spray that doesn’t change, much like a shower head. These sprinklers work well for smaller lawns and tighter area. They are simple and usually require few repairs.
  • Rotor-type – Rotor sprinklers rotate as they work, instead of spraying water in a fixed pattern. They are excellent choices for larger lawns where the sprinkler must cover a wider area. A popular type of rotor sprinkler is the impact sprinkler, where a swinging arm strikes the body of the sprinkler and makes it rotate. Another version of the rotor sprinkler uses gear-driven rotors to create quieter and smoother operation.

Along with these different sprinkler types, you have the option for the sprinklers to work on timed systems and to operate as “pop-ups” that drop back down into the lawn once they finish watering. Your plumber will help you figure out what sprinklers are an ideal match for your yard’s need as well as your budget.

When you need a plumber in Salt Lake City, At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air is ready to assist you with your new sprinkler system. We offer a lifetime workmanship warranty as well as 24-hour emergency service if you encounter issues with your system.

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