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Signs You Need Emergency Service on Your AC Unit

The moment you detect any significant problems with your air conditioning unit, you should turn it off and call in a repair service immediately. To do otherwise is to risk more damage to your unit, and possibly even break it past all possibility of repair. And while we all hope that breakdowns take place during normal business hours, that’s not the way the world works. When your air conditioner goes down on the weekend or in the middle of the night. You have a decision to make: do you call for emergency repairs and pay a little extra to get the problem solved immediately, or do you hold on and schedule a normal appointment during regular business hours? The answer depends on the specific circumstances. Luckily, you have a service that responds to emergency calls 24/7 here in North Salt Lake, UT. The following signs can help you decide when and where to call them in.

Your Health is Risked

First and foremost, never wait for air conditioning repairs if there’s any kind of health risk to your family. If you’re dealing with a heat wave or excessively high temperatures would trouble an infant or an elderly member of your family, make sure the call gets made as swiftly as you can. No amount of expense is more important than your health.

It Impacts Work or School

A good night’s sleep is only marginally less important than your ongoing health, and while you might be able to tough out a hot night without air conditioning, it can impact your ability to function the next day. On the other hand, if you can sleep comfortably by opening a window or running a fan, it may be better to wait until regular business hours.

Whether it’s a regular call or an emergency, At Your Service is standing by to solve your air conditioning problems!

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