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Save Money this Winter with an Energy Recovery Ventilator

As a homeowner, energy efficiency should be a high priority to you. The better your home can retain warm air in the winter and cool air in the summer, the lower your bills will be and the less chance your heater and air conditioner will suffer from a breakdown. Most people in Salt Lake City, UT know some of the basics, such as more insulation and double paned windows to keep the temperature constant, But you may surprised to learn what a more sophisticated installation can do for you. In particular, an energy recovery ventilator placed in your attic can help you save big money this winter. Here’s a quick breakdown on how.

How Does It Work?

An energy recovery ventilator consists of a pair of vents with fans installed in them, linked at the middle by a heat exchanger. The vents never cross paths; one blows air out of your home and the other pulls air into your home. As the air passes through the heat exchanger to swaps out the temperature between the two streams. As a result, the indoor air is refreshed and the indoor air removed without altering the temperature that your heater or air conditioner has worked so hard to create.

How Does That Benefit Me?

In the first place, an energy recovery ventilator takes a lot of the stress off of your heater and air conditioning system, allowing you to save a great deal on monthly bills. Over time, the savings will likely pay for the cost of installation and more. Moreover, it can make for a healthier household environment; we tend to button up our homes in the winter to preserve heat, which can lead to stagnant air that breeds germs. With an energy recovery ventilator, you can lower the risk of illness without having to “air out” your home in the middle of winter.

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