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Reasons to Schedule Whole-House Plumbing Replacement

There comes a point in plumbing repair for a house when the needs of the job go beyond sealing leaks, replacing a few pipes, and fixing gaskets and valves, and turn toward a larger solution for what ails a home’s plumbing: a full piping replacement.

Whole-house repiping is a major task to undertake, and one you must leave to experienced plumbers. If you find a reliable plumbing company to handle the full pipe replacement in your home, the job will feel much less stressful for you, and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing the work will come out right at the end.

If you think you need whole-house plumbing replacement, call At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air to make an appointment for an assessment of your plumbing system. Our experienced Salt Lake City plumbers will determine if the time is right for a complete repiping.

Here are reasons you may need whole-house plumbing replacement

  • Old, outdated pipes: For decades, galvanized steel reigned as the dominant material used for plumbing because of its strength. However, galvanized steel corrodes over time, and copper and various plastics have superseded it. If you have an older home with steel plumbing, you should have it changed over to the more flexible, lightweight, and durable modern materials.
  • Constant leaking: If you call for leak repairs more than a few times a year, don’t chalk it up to a bad luck streak. Plumbing that leaks constantly is sending a warning sign that the pipes need replacement: not only a few, but the whole system.
  • To accommodate major remodeling: If you are planning a remodel for your home, replacing older plumbing at the same time will give you much more freedom for creating the design you want. Plus, during remodeling the pipes will be exposed, providing a great opportunity to eliminate outdated or leaky plumbing.

With new plumbing installed in your home, you’ll not only find yourself confronting fewer repairs for leaks, but also a reduction in clogging and problems from high water pressure. You will benefit it many ways from a full replacement of those old pipes.

At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air has helped re-fit homes for gleaming new plumbing since 1980. We aim for complete customer satisfaction, and our plumbers in Salt Lake City, UT are ready to assist you with any plumbing job, whether it’s as big as whole-house repiping or as small as unclogging a shower drain. You can reach us 24 hours a day when you need emergency service.

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