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Reasons for Furnace Shutdown

We often talk about problems with your furnace that can be hard to detect: requiring knowledge of subtle clues and signs to figure out what’s wrong before calling in a repair service.  Today we’re going to talk about one of the most obvious problems in existence: the heater failing to start up when you turn it on. It’s simple enough to spot that there’s a problem, but pinpointing the cause is a little tougher. Some of the causes can be identified and corrected by a homeowner, which you should look into immediately upon detecting the problem. Others, however require a professional touch, and if you can’t solve the problem immediately, your best bet is to call in a trained technician. Here’s a quick look at some of the most common reasons for furnace shutdown.

  • Power Shutdown. A surge in your power grid can cause the breakers to kick in, which will shut down your heater. This is good news because all you need to do to reset the heater is flip the switch in the breaker box.
  • Thermostat Issues. The thermostat controls the heater, which means if it encounters problems, the heater won’t turn on. It may be something even simpler than that, like a dead battery in your thermostat or an incorrect setting always check it before calling in a professional.
  • Leaky Gas. Gas lines can breach and a crack heat exchanger can send carbon monoxide into your home. Most furnaces have safety switches that simply turn the system off rather than letting this happen. Unfortunately, you’ll need to call in a repair service to fix the underlying issue.
  • Faulty Fan Motor. If the fan motor isn’t working, it won’t blow hot air into your home. It may seem like the system has turned off, since you won’t hear the motor. A trained professional can repair or replace the motor for you.

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