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Why You Need UV Germicidal Lights

Indoor_Air_Quality_Filters_Duct_Cleaning_dreamstime_xl_20144812Winter season always sees a huge influx of colds and flu bugs, especially in high altitudes like ours. Illnesses go hand in hand with the winter, though not because of the cold temperatures like a lot of people think. Nevertheless, the causes of winter sicknesses can’t be easily vanquished. You can. however, ensure that there is proper protection for your home and family in the form of a UV air purifier installed at the base of your ducts. Here’s a brief look at how it all works.

Why Do We Catch Colds in the Winter?

There’s a number of factors that contribute to the proliferation of colds during the winter season.

  • Holiday Travel. When people go out of town in December to visit friends and family for the holidays, they’re often exposed to new viruses and similar infections (either at their relations’ homes or in places like airports and bus stations). They will bring those colds home with them, where they can spread to local friends an coworkers. Even if you didn’t leave home during the holidays, the trend can catch you.
  • Dry Air. We live in an area with high elevation, which means that the air is very dry. This has the effect of drying out our sinuses and mucous membrane, which are our bodies’ main defense against colds and infection. The increased vulnerability means increased instances of illness.
  • Closed Homes. You never keep doors or windows open very long in the winter lest you let the heated air escape your home. It’s a sound policy, but it has one big drawback: germs and bugs will circulate through your home to infect multiple members of your family.

UV Lights Kill Germs

When you turn your heating system on, the air in your home cycles through it: pushed into your ducts after being heated. The same holds true for your air conditioner in the summertime. That makes the apex of your ducts the ideal place to strike. By shining ultraviolet light across the apex, it creates a sheet of light that germs cannot help but pass through as the heater cycles. UV light is harmless to us and causes no damage to pets and other multi-cellular organisms, but for one-celled organisms, it stops them dead: killing them outright or rendering them incapable of reproducing.

The UV air purifier thus works in conjunction with your heater. You likely run your heating system most days when your home. With a UV system in place, that process will slowly cleanse the air of impurities, providing a constant protection against the proliferation of germs and bugs. The system can work in any home, but is particularly recommend for homes welcoming a new baby, homes with an elderly resident, or homes with people who otherwise suffer from a compromised immune system.

If you think a UV air purifier can help your Draper, UT home and you’d like to cut down on colds and illnesses during the winter, then call upon At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air to discuss your options!

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