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Late Season Heater Issues to Watch Out for

We’re coming to the end of heating season in the Sandy, UT area, but there’s still a few cool days yet to come and while you may be using your heater less often these days, this is the time of year when repair calls on heating systems tend to appear the most. After months of regular use, the wear and tear on your system can sometimes take a toll, and they can make themselves known just as you’re in the home stretch for another cooling season. Luckily, a timely maintenance session at the end of every winter can solve most of these problems, but you should still be aware of various late-season heater issues that can plague your system this time of year.

Clogged Filters

Most heaters come with air filters to screen out dust and hair, which need to be changed every month or so to avoid blockage. If you haven’t changed yours in a while, the air flow will be reduced, which means the furnace will need to work harder in order to warm your home (raising your monthly bills as a result). More importantly, clogged filters keep the hot air trapped in your furnace, which increases the possibility of overheating other components and causing a breakdown.

Clogged Burners

Over time, burners may become clogged with dust and soot, which will cause them to clog up when you turn the furnace on. As a result, heating power is diminished and your system may take longer to warm the home that it should – raising the rates just like clogged filters do – which subsequently raises the stress on other components, and can cause a breakdown. Said breakdown may not take place this season, but if you don’t want a nasty surprise waiting for you in the fall, it’s a good idea to get the burners cleaned ASAP.

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