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Is The Air in Your Home Too Dry?

We’re no stranger to dry air here in Holladay, UT, owing to our high elevation and cold weather. You may experience excessive dry air in your home during the winter, creating a host of problems to contend with. You shouldn’t have to deal with that, especially during the holidays with a thousand more pressing matters on your mind. There is a solution, however — a whole-house humidifier — and if you don’t have one installed, now would be a perfect time to do so.

What Kinds of Problems Does Dry Air Cause?

Dry air is roughly defined as air where the relative humidity levels drop below about 30% or so. That’s when the air is dry enough to start pulling moisture from your skin and the surrounding furnishings. The problems that that causes can include:

  • Dry, itchy skin.
  • Static electricity.
  • Dried sinuses, which leave your body more vulnerable to colds and illnesses.
  • Static electricity.
  • Damage to furnishings.
  • Increased heating bills; dry air feels colder than it actually is, forcing your heater to work harder to make up the difference.

Humidifiers to the Rescue

A humidifier is a fairly simple device that works in conjunction with your HVAC system. It’s essentially just a wick or pad connected to a reservoir and soaking up the water. A blower pushes air across the wick, sending ambient moisture into your home through the ducts. Relative humidity levels go up and the above problems are severely reduced or disappear. Whole-house humidifiers are simple for a trained technician to install, and beyond basic maintenance (which includes refilling the reservoir in some cases) rarely cause any problems. They can even help you save money on heating bills by easing the strain on your heater, and reduce the risk of a breakdown later in the season to boot.

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