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Is Radiant Heating a Good Fit For Your Home?

Winter is on its way, and while Draper, UT isn’t quite as cold as cities further north, our mountain elevation guarantees plenty of chilly days and nights to come. If you need a new heating system, now is the time to consider installation, before the snows fall. And while it’s not right for every home, a radiant heating system may prove to be an excellent fit for your particular circumstances. Here’s how it all works. 

Under the Floor

Radiant heating systems work by conveying warm temperatures directly through the floor or the walls, instead of heating the way and then blowing it through your house the way forced-air furnaces do. That’s why the systems tend to cost more to install than other forms of heat. Your floorboards are removed and tubes or coils planted beneath them. Hot water or similar liquids then circulates through them, sending waves of heat up through the (replaced) floorboards and into the room directly.

The Benefits

We mentioned above that radiant heating systems cost more to install. In exchange, however, they offer a number of tangible benefits:

  • Lower monthly bills. Because radiant heating uses less energy when running, it can save you a lot of money on monthly eating bills.
  • Longevity. Radiant heating systems have few moving parts, and those that do exist are located above the floorboards. That, and the inherent protection provided by being placed beneath the floorboards, means that the system is quite well protected against damage.
  • No drafts. Forced-air systems can produce drafts and cold spots when they work. In addition, they can often circulate germs and other illnesses, passing colds on to every member of your household. Radiant heating systems avoid that problem.
  • No ducts. Older homes in the area may not be set up to support the ductwork required for centralized heating. Radiant systems provide comprehensive heating without relying on ducts.

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