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Humidifiers Can Solve a Number of Problems

Summers in Salt Lake City, UT aren’t as hot as they are elsewhere in the country, but dry air is a constant issue that prudent homeowners need to address. Now is the time to install a whole-house humidifier to deal with the issue, helping to reduce the dryness in the air and providing a number of benefits to your home as a result. Once you understand how humidifiers work, you can see how they can solve some considerable problems around your home.

Getting Rid of Dry Air

When relative humidity levels drop below 30% or so, the air becomes dry enough to begin removing moisture from your skin. As a result, it can become dry and cracked, leading to chapped lips and worse. It can also dry out your sinuses and mucus membrane, leaving you more vulnerable to colds and illnesses. That comes on top of static electricity, an unnecessary chilliness in the air and general discomfort all around.

Humidifiers to the Rescue

A whole-home humidifier is actually a fairly simple device: a wick pulling water from a reservoir with a fan blowing across it to spread water vapor through your home. But the results can be transformative. Not only will it make the air in your home more comfortable, but it can reduce the itching, cracked feeling on your skin and lower the spread of illnesses throughout your home. In the winter, your heater will benefit from the added support, and a humidifier in the summer will help mitigate the air conditioner’s unavoidable habit of drying out the air. Over time, it can even extend the life of your whole HVAC system by reducing the strain on the other components.

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