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How to Lower the Cost of Air Conditioning

Air conditioning tends to dominate homeowners’ thoughts this time of year, as temperatures in Salt Lake City, UT hit their peak. We’re used to higher energy bills, as your home cooling system works overtime to keep the heat at bay. But just because we’re used to paying more doesn’t mean we’re not paying too much. With a few easy steps, you can reduce the burden on your air conditioner and lower the monthly cost in the bargain. Some of these are self-apparent: setting your thermostat to 78 degrees instead of 75 degrees, for instance, or wearing lightweight clothes when you’re in the house. Others, however, can be implemented with the help of a friendly local HVAC technician. We’ve listed a few of them below.

Zone Control Systems

Zone control systems work well in larger houses with a lot of rooms. They’re essentially a series of valves in your duct system that let you turn the air conditioning on and off in each room of your house individually. That lets you shut off the system in parts of the house you aren’t using, lowering your home bills considerably.

Energy Recovery Ventilators

These rather complex sounding devices absorb the thermal energy in your home, then use it to cool incoming air which they pull in from the outside. As a result, your air feels fresher and cooler, like opening a window without the change in temperature.

Air Cleaners

Air filters and other forms of cleaner remove dust and dander from your household air. In addition to improving indoor air quality, they prevent that dust from coating key components of your air conditioner, allowing it to function more efficiently. Without it, dust in your system can create frost on the evaporator coils and similar problems requiring a trained technician to fix.

If you’re interested in lowering the monthly costs of your air conditioning system, then At Your Service is standing by to help!

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