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How Does Radiant Heating Work?

As fall turns to winter here in Salt Lake City, UT, homeowners are looking towards their heating systems to keep them warm. And if yours has run its race, now is the time to look into a replacement. While traditional forced-air furnaces and boilers are reliable models, you might also consider an alternative form of heating to replace your worn-out system. Radiant heating, which warms the home directly through the floor, might be the perfect fit for your needs. How does radiant heating work? Here’s a quick breakdown.

The System

The system itself is simply a set of tubes or coils planted under the floorboards in your home. A set of controls is installed in the wall, allowing you to warm or cool them as needed. Some systems use electrical coils, while others use tubes filled with water or similar liquids which can be warmed. Either way, the key is that the heat is transferred directly through your feet and your furnishings instead of being pushed through the air.

How It Benefits You

That dynamic is actually much more efficient than traditional forced-air models, and provides a number of benefits to your home. In the first place, the system is comfortable and reliable, ensuing that your house stays warm and cozy no matter what the temperature is outside. But because it warms you directly instead of being pushed through the air, it uses a lot less energy, which translates into much lower monthly bills. Furthermore, because the system uses few moving parts, repair bills are infrequent at best, and the lack of forced air means you aren’t pushing dust and germs around your home. Radiant heating systems last a long time, and while the initial installation can be costly, you’ll make that money back and more in saved costs over the years.

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