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How Does Hydro-Jetting Make Drain Cleaning Easier?

hydreo-jetting-servicesPlumbing problems always tend to get worse during the holidays, especially clogs in our drains. Big holiday meals means lots of foodstuffs poured down the drain, and that can sometimes mean things like hot fat (which can solidify in the pipes) or potato peelings (which can get tangled up in the pipes and are surprisingly tough). Then there’s the presence of family and friends over for big get-togethers, which can put additional strain on bathroom fixtures and similar pieces of plumbing. Clogs tend to be very common during the holidays, and they usually need to get treated fairly quickly since they involve things like the toilet or the kitchen sink which you can’t do without for long. 

It can be tempting, and very understandable in such circumstances to rush out to the store and buy a chemical drain cleaner, or maybe a snake if the clog is particularly tough. In most cases, that’s a mistake. Store-bought solutions adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to clogs, which means they usually only partially do the job. They’ll open up enough of the clog to let water pass through, but will leave sections of the clog along the sides. That means it will reform soon — in a matter of days sometimes if the drain sees a lot of activity — forcing you to apply the same solution again and again without ever really solving the problem. That can end up costing you a surprising amount, as well as eiminate the supposed convenience of buying a solution over the counter.

Professional Tools

Professional plumbers, on the other hand, can apply formal training and high-end equipment to get rid of the clog the right way. Among their most powerful tools is hydro-jetting, which uses a specialized hose that fires powerful pulses of water down the pipe. The hose requires professionals to use because the water pressure is very powerful and can cause damage without the right training, but as a solution to stubborn clogs, it simply can’t be beat.

Hydro-jetting works with the steady, sudden pressure of multiple pulses of water, which shoot straight down your pipe and hit the clog hard. It breaks the material up very quickly and washes it swiftly down the drain, leaving the pipes completely clean. In addition, it cleans away clogs that may be building up elsewhere in the pipe: covering the whole length instead of just one clog. (Contrast that with cleansers and snakes, which usually stop at the first clog in the line).

Best of all, hydro-jetting doesn’t use harsh chemicals or wire bristles, which can damage the pipe and even cause harm to the environment. Its power comes solely from water, which your pipes can handle with ease and which simply washes safely down the pipe. That’s good for your home, and the environment, all while making sure that stubborn clog vanishes and stays gone!

The friendly pros of At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air can clean your drains using hydro-jetting technology, and solve plumbing issues throughout the Salt Lake City, UT area. Call us today!

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