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How Does an Old Heater Cost You Money?

Winter has come to Salt Lake City, UT, and that means our heating systems are being put to the test every day. Buying a new heater can be very expensive, and if you’re not sure about the cost, you may be tempted to keep pushing your old heater for another season or more. But your heating system can cost you more money in its last years than you may think, and the up-front cost of buying a new one can end up saving you a great deal down the road. Here are some of the ways that an old heater can cost you money.

Higher Operating Costs

As your heater gates, more and more components suffer from wear and tear, which means the heater needs to work harder and run longer in order to do its job. That can end up costing you a great deal in monthly expenses, especially if you have a larger house or one that lacks sufficient insulation.

Higher Repair Bills

Along those lines, worn parts can be replaced and other repairs can keep your system running, but as time goes on, those repair costs are going to get higher and more frequent. Eventually, you’ll either be drowning in little repairs or be forced to deal with one big one that costs more than the system is worth. The sooner you replace your old heater with a new one, the more quickly you can escape that vicious cycle.

Sudden Breakdowns

The longer you push an old heater, the greater risk you run of experiencing a major breakdown without warning: leaving you without heat and scrambling to get a repair service in before you freeze. If you’ve ever experienced it, it’s no fun at all, but a new system will keep you from having to worry for quite some time.

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