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How do Zone Control Systems Work?

If you own a larger home here in Holladay, UT, you may be frustrated by higher bills, cold spots and a general unwieldiness when it comes to a centralized air system. It doesn’t have to be that way. Centralized air conditioners can benefit from a zone control system installed by a trained professional. It’s not a replacement; more of an upgrade that allows you to exercise a greater degree of control over the air moving through your ducts. Here’s how it works. 

Valves and Shutters

A zone control system is really nothing more than a series of valves and shutters installed at key points in your duct system. They divide your home into sections (usually by room), and each one is controlled by a separate thermostat letting you open and close them separately from each other. Depending on the model, you might also have a master control panel allowing you to adjust each shutter from one single location.

How Does That Benefit Me?

The biggest single benefit to a zone control system is that it lets you turn the air off in parts of the home that no one is using during the day, such as bedrooms or rooms on the upper stories. That will cut down on your air conditioning bill immensely, as well as lowering the overall wear and tear on your system. On a more luxurious note, it allows you to tailor the temperature to each space in your home. One family member can be in one room with the temperature at 75, while another can be in another room with the temperature at 72, preventing squabbles and fights over the thermostat setting. And that all comes without significantly altering your existing air conditioning system in any way.

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