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Have You Spotted Problems with Your Heating System?

Temperatures in the Slat Lake City, UT areas are getting cooler by the day, and chances are you’ve run your heating system at least a few times already this year. You’ll likely have need of it every day once winter officially begins, which means that now is a good time to keep an eye out for any problems it may be experiencing.

Spotting a problem now means you’ll have time to schedule repairs before the winter sets in, and won’t get caught by surprise in case of trouble this winter. It also means that the repairs will likely cost less and be easier to resolve, since the issue hasn’t had as much time to wreak havoc on your system. Problems with your heating system can include anything that doesn’t match the normal functions of the unit, but more specifically may reflect one of the following symptoms:

  • Reduced Heating Levels. Obviously, a heater that blows only cool air is experiencing a problem. But it needn’t be that obvious: warm air which is nonetheless cooler than you expect. It’s a problem because it forces the heater to work harder than it should to warm your home.
  • Higher Bills. An unexpected spike in your heating bills, especially if there isn’t an attendant spike in usage, likely means that one or more components in the heater is malfunctioning.
  • Strange Noises. Whether it’s a bump, groan, hum or shriek, any noise that you don’t normally associate with the regular functioning of your heater should probably merit a call to a repair technician.
  • Lower Air Flow. If you used a forced-air furnace, pay careful attention to the air flow. Reduced flow could mean a blockage in the system, or possibly a problem with the fan or fan motor.

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