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Getting Your Heater Ready for the Winter with Maintenance

As the temperature begins to drop, you need to prepare for the onset of winter. Chilly evenings and mornings require a heater that can perform well at all times and also do so efficiently. Whether you have a furnace, boiler or radiant heat system, all of your system components needs to cooperate so that you can remain comfortable inside your home no matter what the outside temperature may be. In this respect, the importance of regular heating maintenance can hardly be overestimated. At Your Service Heating and Air can make sure that your heater remains in good condition for the winter. Just give our Salt Lake City heating maintenance technicians a call today.

During the course of its service life, your heater endures a certain amount of wear and tear on its system components. If you have a gas or electric furnace, then you rely on a network of supply and return ductwork to distribute heated air around your home, in addition to the air handler and heat exchanger itself. If you have a boiler, then you likely rely on a circuit of steam or hot water radiators throughout the household that provide heat in each room. This requires piping and is typically paired with natural gas for efficient heating. Both heater requires routine maintenance in order for them to perform according to your comfort standards. The primary reason for this is the negative effects of dust, dirt, and other debris that can build up. Sediment can clog up your piping, while dust can lead to dried out bearings in the blower motor. By taking the necessary steps to prevent such problems by having your heater professionally cleaned from time to time, you can vastly improve your heating setup.

Your heater is a major appliance, and like your water heater, should not be neglected. Professional heating maintenance gives your heater everything it needs to work well, including comprehensive safety inspection and cleaning of all system components, as well as any minor adjustments. Call At Your Service Heating and Air today so that we can keep your furnace or boiler running this heating season.

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