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Fight Back Against Hard Water

Hard water is a fairly common problem here in Salt Lake City, UT. The term refers to water which has a high amount of minerals in them, usually calcium or magnesium. It’s not dangerous – you can consume hard water without ill effects – but it can create a number of problems in your plumbing system. You can fight back against hard water with the installation of a water filtration system, which clears those elements out of the water and leaves it cleaner as a result. What are the benefits of a water filtration system? We’re provided a quick outline below.

1.     Drinking and Cooking

Filtering hard water can leave drinking and cooking water feeling tastier and cleaner. There’s an easy way to demonstrate just how much. Take a pair of ice cube trays and fill one up with water from the tap and another one up with bottled water from the store. Then freeze them and look at the results. The filtered water will look clearer and more transparent than the unfiltered water: that distinction will be even more apparent by drinking it or eating food cooked with it.

2.     Bathing

You may have noticed a crusty white build-up on your faucet or showerhead. Those are hard water deposits, and if left unchecked, they’ll create serious problems for your plumbing. Moreover, the hard water can leave your skin feeling raw and red after a shower or bath. A water filtration system will fix that, not only making your bathing more pleasant, but cutting down on that gross white build-up bedeviling your fixtures.

3.     Laundry

Hard water can really be punishing to your laundry: causing colors to fade and the fabrics to wear out sooner than they should. Water filtration will help your laundry look brighter and last longer.

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