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Fight Back Against Dry Air This Winter

Dry air is a staple of Salt Lake City, UT in the wintertime, and can have as much of an effect on your household comfort levels as low temperatures. If left unaddressed, it can create all manner of discomfort and even lead to health problems. The solution is a whole-house humidifier, allowing you to fight back against dry air this winter and ensure that your household stays healthy and comfortable in the coming months. Now is the perfect time to install one, before the temperatures drop and you have the flexibility to set up the appointment at your leisure instead of rushing it ahead of a cold front.

Why is Dry Air Such a Problem?

Dry air usually means a relative humidity level of less than 30%, which is the point at which the air starts to pull moisture from our skin. That creates the dry itchy feeling that you have when humidity levels are too low. Static electricity goes up as well, resulting in painful shocks and even problems with your electrical systems in extreme cases. And when your sinuses and mucus membranes dry up amid low humidity, it leaves your body more vulnerable to colds and disease, as well as increasing irritation in your nose and throat.

A Whole-House humidifier Solves Those Problems

These problems become more acute in the winter because falling temperatures pull the ambient moisture out of the air, making it drier. The solution is to raise the amount of ambient moisture in the air through a whole-house humidifier, which is simply a fan that blows air over a wick filled with water from a reservoir. It’s a simple system, but when placed in your ducts is solves these issues admirably, resulting in a more comfortable home for you and your family to enjoy.

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