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Fan Damage and Air Conditioning Repair

The “whrrrr” sound in your air conditioner is usually the fans, both of which are very important to your air conditioning system. The fans are responsible for the air flow in your air conditioner, and also for releasing heat and blowing the cooled air into your ductwork. Without the fans, your air conditioner won’t work.

A good amount of air conditioning repairs in Salt Lake City during the summer months involves the fans. What exactly can fan damage and malfunctioning do to your system? The experts at At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air explain below.

Two Fans

Your system has two fans: one in the condenser unit, which sits outside your home, and a second in the indoor unit, which houses the evaporator. The condenser fan helps to remove the heat from your system by blowing it into the outdoor air; the blower, which is the indoor fan, blows cooled air from the evaporator coils into your home. When either of these fans or their components malfunctions, a number of problems can ensue with your air conditioning system.

Damage to Your Fans

Damage can happen to your fans through regular wear-and-tear. Common problems are:

  • Loose or bent fan blades
  • Worn wiring
  • Loose screws on the fan or motor
  • Motor overheating
  • Broken fan belts

Signs of Potential Fan Damage

There are a few signs that can indicate one of your fans is malfunctioning:


  • Banging or clunking sound – if a fan blade is loose or bent, it can hit other parts of your air conditioner as it turns, resulting in a banging or clunking noise.
  • Light screeching sound – a light screeching sound coming from your fan can indicate a worn fan belt

Problems with Air Conditioning:

  • No air – when the indoor blower stops turning, the air flow is stopped
  • Decreased air flow – the air coming into your home is cool, but it is blowing at a much lower volume than normal
  • Fan not turning – could be an issue with the fan’s motor or fan belt

Do Regular Maintenance to Help Maintain Your Fans

Part of a maintenance appointment involves inspecting and cleaning your fans and all their components. If a fan blade is loose or bent, or the wiring in the motor is frayed, maintenance provides the opportunity for things like this to get repaired before leading to other problems. Help prevent air conditioning repairs in Salt Lake City: call At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air for a maintenance appointment today.

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